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Lying Beliefs Blog

I PROMISE—LOVE is the only way to the “Promise Land.” Love is what fuels a joyful life. Love is essential to peace and harmony. Love is the only bridge to Freedom.

Love knows no indifference–because LOVE sees no difference! Love is what defines it all–because ALL is indeed LOVE!

Hence, love is the electromagnetic energy that unites us all. This my friends is more than just philosophy, it is a universal fact.

Although, we may not find interest in the same things, the truth of the matter is LOVE is the same key ingredient that defines our desires.

There is only ONE common denominator that exists within all Humanity and that is LOVE. Love is indeed the main characteristic that makes us ALL the same.

LOVE is essentially our true nature. Thus, love is what comes ‘NATURALLY’ to us. Therefore, if we were ‘NOT’ born to naturally FEAR, but yet we have chosen to live in fear—then this clearly means that SUFFERING is truly a CHOICE!