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Lying Beliefs Blog

The beliefs that rest in our minds and controls our behavior and perception detach us from knowing the ‘truth’ that lives in God’s Sun.

Although our man-made beliefs steers us away from the hidden truth that resides in God’s Sun, there is still an aspect of “who we are” that is still drawn and attached to this sacred symbol that shines down upon us.

Therefore with this being said; here’s an exercise that I encourage you to perform:

Try to find a tranquil place outside, especially when the Sun is shining. Stand up tall and tilt your head back and inhale and exhale 10 deep breaths and ‘consciously’ make an effort to experience how this energy that fills your body—makes you ‘FEEL.’

I can assure you that you will experience what is commonly known as a “Natural High!” This exhilarating exercise is true nourishment for the soul, as well as for the body. This exercise erases your stress and provides you with an enhanced sense of mental clarity. Thus, this simple exercise ‘naturally’ cleans and clears your mind and fuels your body.

This exercise can be performed during any part of the day, but as a word of caution; if it is not done during dusk or dawn, then please make sure that your eyes are closed as you are facing God’s Sun.

However, the best results are achieved in the morning during the rise of God’s Sun when a new day dawns upon us. When the air is at freshest point, because it has not been polluted by the ‘exhaustion’ that typically fills a day.

In truth we should consistently take time to breath for ourselves. We human beings are such ‘slaves’ to our minds that we ‘never’ take the time to even ‘consciously’ breathe for ourselves. Every breath our body takes is not a ‘cognizant’ effort on our part; it is only a ‘subconscious’ action that is performed by our minds.

So, tell me; what makes us ‘think’ for one second that we have control of our lives; if we don’t even take time to control something as simple as our breathing.

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