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Ok, this is dedicated to all the dog lovers!

Give me a high five if you are an animal lover; especially as it relates to Man’s Best Friend!

In my opinion, dogs are considered “man’s best friend” for an essential reason and here’s why:

Man’s Best Friend has a genuine loving nature and man’s best friend does not suffer from a “Dog Gone Ego!” Could this be the primary reason why some of us love our dogs more than we love Thy neighbor?

The reason we human beings are so connected to dogs is because they display an intuitive way of uplifting our spirits.

The soul of a dog is always present and always conscious. A dog is never distracted with notions of yesterday or tomorrow. A dog is always waiting for us in the existing moment with their undivided attention. In other words, dogs always exist in the “here and now.”

Therefore, in light of a dog’s constant awareness of the current moment, the soul of a dog is able to manifest itself through a dog’s behavior in God like qualities such as loyalty, caring, playfulness, and excitement. And to top it all off they mostly display a true sense of unconditional love.

Thus, this is the core reason why humanity harvests such a strong love and affection for our four legged best friend.

Despite what we may believe, our emotional bond with our dog is not the result of a ‘physical connection’; because during this soulful interaction our man-made ego is turned off. Hence, this is the product of a ‘soulful relationship’, which illuminates the real essence of who we are.

Take a second to decipher a dog’s name from end to start and it will be clear as to why the soul of a dog touches the core of the human heart. Dog spelled backwards is God!

It seems based upon all the turmoil we go through as Godly souls a dog appears to be God’s interim gift to us as a token of peace and love, as we desperately try to persevere through the man-made madness that currently corrupts our subconscious minds and causes our internal suffering.

As we reflect on the information I have shared thus far, no matter what we have been conditioned to believe, there is no such thing as a dumb animal considering an animal’s behavior is ‘instinctively’ what it is. However, as it relates to us human beings . . . well now, that’s an entirely different story.

Hey, we should all see life through a dog’s eyes! 😉

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