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Lying Beliefs Blog

Everything that you currently believe to be true, someone else has persuaded you to believe in. In other words; the majority of what you believe to be true, you yourself did not discover on your own. Meaning, someone else has forced placed these ‘beliefs’ that you now call “your own” upon you.

We all live our lives dedicated to “forced placed beliefs”; which ultimately begin to build an impenetrable wall of conditioning, which I prefer to call: The Wall of “Make-Believe!”

This wall of make-believe that we have constructed seems impossible to conquer. Time and time again we attempt to climb or break through this wall of conditioning, but we often lay defeated.

Well, here is why our efforts never prevail and we always fail, as we attempt to conquer this wall of conditioning:

You can never ‘defeat’ what you constantly reinforce!

See, we can chip away at the surface of this wall of “make-believe”all day long; however it’s the ‘core’ that is actually impenetrable.

Meaning, as it relates to our “core beliefs”; which are our concepts of Self, Life, and God, we reinforce these beliefs on a daily basis. And it’s these core beliefs that we have been conditioned to ‘embrace’ that prevent us from discovering the truth.

However, once you come to the realization that this wall of “make-believe” is built upon a ‘false foundation’ of lies and these conceptual ideas are actually not real, you will never have to put forth an ounce of energy ever again to destroy it. Because upon this realization this wall of conditioning that ‘lies’ in your way and has been built to confine you will instantly begin to ‘CRUMBLE’ and only then will the ‘whole’ truth be exposed.

So, you might now be asking the question: So, what is the ‘whole’ truth?

Well, once your conditioned ideas about your ‘Self’, God, and Life, have been dissolved from your awareness, you will begin to know that these core beliefs were constructed only to separate us human beings from who we really are, as well as from one another.

Then a sense of “Wholeness” will overcome you and you will finally become enlightened to realize that the essence of ‘You’, Life and God are all indeed one in the same. Considering; ‘You’, Life, and this Universe that we call God ALL share the exact same ‘conscious’ energy.

See our journey towards enlightenment or the “Pursuit of WHOLENESS” is to plug into the universal ‘light’ of understanding that we are all ONE and are ‘connected’ to one central source of conscious energy that grants each soul of this Universe—the ‘universal’ energy of life.

Knowing that we are all ONE is the process of awakening to realize that the Universal ‘SUN’ is the ‘conscious circle’ of ‘enlightenment’; which grants us our life, light, and our awareness. And until you understand this ‘knowing’ to be true, you will forever reside in the darkness.