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Lying Beliefs Blog

I wonder if we grasp the significance of this solicitation. I wonder if we truly comprehend the magnitude of such a request.

Do you know relinquishing our attention to someone or to something means everything? Do you know if our attention is placed in the wrong hands, this could be devastating to our life? Do you know if we do not manage our attention, someone else will? Do you know that every time we pay attention there may be a price to pay?

In the grand scheme of our reality our attention is all we have. Therefore, it is vital to our reality that we are cognizant of where our attention lives. With this being said, please take time out of your busy schedule and do ‘YOU’ (and I do really mean you and not your ‘’SELF’ a favor, and spy on where your attention dwells.

I ask that you follow your attention within the parameters of your subconscious mind and notice where it spends most of its time and then analyze how you feel.

See, whether you recognize this or not, ‘YOU’ are what is considered to be ‘YOUR ATTENTION’!

This means in reality that you need to investigate where ‘you’ spend the most of your time.

Please understand that where our attention lives determines where we live, regardless of where our human form resides. Where our attention travels eventually outlines the road map of our life’s journey.

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