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Lying Beliefs Blog

In my opinion, the primary reason why we should all make a “conscious effort” to evaluate—and question—our man-made beliefs is because we were not born with them in mind. Hence, if we did not arrive here with our man-made beliefs in mind; then why do we believe they define us?

Meaning, we would be hard-pressed to find that there is one belief that resides within our mind that constitutes as being “our personal belief.” And of course, this also includes the numerous and ‘divisive’ man-made ideas, as to who “specially” represents this Universe; considering in reality we ALL characterize this divine Universe!

Thus, primarily every belief that we live by is a concept that man has made us believe; which is why I refer to our presumed beliefs as “man-made beliefs.”

So, what are man-made beliefs?

Well, generally speaking all beliefs are man-made concepts and ideas that roam free within our subconscious mind. It is only our ‘commanding’ man-made beliefs that manifest our individual perception of ‘Self’, ‘Life’, and ‘God’; which are the three core concepts that rule our reality.

What’s interesting is I don’t think that we even recognize that we are not actually standing up for what we believe in; because in truth, we are basically honoring and protecting the ideas of someone else.

Meaning; the beliefs that we guard with all our heart, are really not our beliefs, they are nothing more than family heirlooms that have been handed down and implanted within our subconscious minds. So, in theory it should be these family beliefs, which we do not question that we should be most skeptical of.

We human beings must come to know that in regard to man’s problematic version of Self, Life, and God our subconscious mind bares no truth, it only bares the man-made beliefs that we have been taught to uphold, which in turn govern our thoughts.

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