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There are definitely degrees of truth that lives within all religions; which is why people are drawn to religion. However, there is also ‘manipulating’ and ‘deceiving’ information that exist within religion as well. Yet, it becomes difficult for us to decipher what is true or not; especially when we are taught to believe that every aspect of our chosen Religion is true.

Every religious theory should be accepted within reason. And it is our responsibility to determine what is ‘reasonable’ or unreasonable.

I think it is ‘reasonable’ to say that as it relates to all religions, ‘LOVE’ is the common denominator. And what appears to be ‘unreasonable’ are the different ‘Male’ theories that we are conditioned to believe define this Universe that we call God!

In my ‘reasonable’ opinion this is how religion should be approached:

Religion should be a gathering; whereas we human beings come together to share our ‘innate’ common interest. Our communion should be to celebrate and honor the ‘common interest’ that defines each and every one of us—LOVE!

However, religion seems to be a place to worship an ‘unreasonable’ theory about this Universe and yet no human being is born to worship anything!

Religion appears to be an establishment that is constructed only for those who share the same common interest about what Male figure represents this Universe.

Although religion may speak ‘softly’ about loving our fellow man; it ‘SCREAMS’ that we should love ‘their’ theory about this Universe or God even more!! Which means; we do not live to love our fellow man; because we are ‘programmed’ to defend and ‘die’ if necessary for an ‘unreasonable’ man-made idea about this Universe!

We human beings walk in the darkness, because we have relinquished our ‘light’ to religion. And ironically no religion on earth has any power without our beliefs. In other words, it is only “OUR FAITH” that fuels Man’s religion!

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