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Lying Beliefs Blog


I know it is often said that our thoughts have power; well please allow me to take this moment and inform you that the power of thought depends only on your emotional investment. Thus, I am here to say that power does not ‘lie’ within every thought.

Please allow me to elaborate:

Do you know that anything that you perceive to be a ‘LIE’ has “No Power?”

Meaning: If you ‘think’ that something is a ‘lie’; then this level of thinking possesses no power over you, because whatever you believe to be untrue has absolutely ‘NO’ effect on what you do! Why? Because we do not give what we deem to be a ‘lie’ a ‘second’ thought.

Now, here is when the power of thought ‘truly’ prevails:

Whatever you ‘think’ to be ‘TRUE’ has an incredible impact on you; considering, what you think to be true, eventually consumes you. In other words; what you ‘think’ to be true is also what you ‘believe’ to be true and of course what you believe to be true “Packs all the Power!”

Hence: B.A.M!!!! (‘B’elieve ‘A’nd ‘M’anifest) your reality!

So, with this being said, I want you to ‘truly’ give the following statement some serious ‘thought’:

Have you noticed that nearly everything that we human beings ‘believe’ to be ‘TRUE’ often has a ‘negative’ impact on what we do?

See, we have been conditioned to ‘perceive’ and ‘believe’ that the following notions are ‘true’:

We are born sinners
We are ‘NOT’ Godly
We are pathetic
We are weak
We are incompetent
We are helpless

And of course these “MAN-MADE” truths that are designed to ‘degrade’ us are endless……

Now, if we human beings continue to believe in these man-made truths; then we will never experience our ‘true’ purpose for ‘Being!’

Any ‘false truth’ that robs us of our divinity, should immediately be ‘thought’ upon as a ‘LIE!’ Because remember, anything that you ‘perceive’ to be a ‘lie’, has absolutely ‘NO’ power over you!

Please realize that every “LYING BELIEF” devours our ‘TRUE’ power!

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