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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know there is really no such thing as material value? Meaning; nothing material has any value; until we are “made to believe” that it has value.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that modern man lives in an overwhelmingly material world. Nevertheless, this does not mean we should be a part of the world’s carnal consumption. The key goal is to learn how to ‘appreciate’ all things—yet become associated with nothing.

However, through our manipulating man-made dialogue, we have inserted our “total self-worth” into all material objects and man-made concepts. Consequently, when the material commodity loses its novelty and starts to depreciate so does our ‘self-investment.’

See, we need to make a personal withdrawal of any affiliation with material objects and project the value of ‘gratitude’ for what we have whether it’s old or new. And it would also be nice to top it off with a little ‘appreciation’ too.

Thus ‘gratitude’ and ‘appreciation’ are the two most ‘priceless’ emotions that give value to any material item.

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