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Please allow me to provide you with an animated example of what I mean:

We human beings are prisoners within our own subconscious minds, caged within a quarantined mental cell and our ‘man-made egos’ are the controlling Warden(s) that are constantly making all the rules. We must do a lot of “soul searching”, in order to free ourselves from this mental prison or else we, as God’s Souls, will spend ‘life sentences’ in this Hell hole.

It’s amazing how we human beings persistently fight to maintain our physical freedom, yet we fail to acknowledge that our ‘awareness is enslaved’ by our own man-made mind.

We all need to face the reality of knowing that true freedom can only be granted by way of our attention being released from the man-made shackles that are attached to our own subconscious minds.

See, the only reason we are held captive by our subconscious minds, is because we are frequently ‘captivated’ by our man-made beliefs.

Our subconscious mind is also like the Land of OZ and our Ego is the Grand Wizard. Considering we have yet to define who we are, our ‘man-made image’ is a collection of many different identities. Hence, we are comprised of all the cast members in this ‘illusionary’ movie.

Thus, we are like Dorothy, trapped in this wicked mysterious world wanting to find our way back home. We are also like the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and of course the “Cowardly Lion.” We are drenched with ‘fear’ as we travel along this man-made brick road of misery. And as it relates to us being similar to the Tin Man and the Scarecrow, because we do not use our ‘heart’ and our ‘brain’ in the manner in which they were created, it’s like neither of these essential components exist.

We actually need to be more like Dorothy and find us a pair of ruby slippers and click our heels three times and say, “There is no place like home.” Why? Because home is where the heart is!!!!

The greatest escape one can ever make is to escape the confines of their subconscious mind!

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