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Lying Beliefs Blog

We are all here to “tell our story”, or in other words: we are all here to share what we have experienced.

However, there is a caveat to telling ‘your’ story—you must first discover who ‘you’ are.

On February 6, 2012, I awakened from my man-made spell, which provided me with a ‘profound’ sense of ‘knowing’ who “I AM.” And from this date to this post, I have been ‘inspired’ to share what I have experienced with my fellow souls.

My goal is to continue to share what I have experienced, in order to inspire other souls to seek their own story. However, please know you must first discover what authentically defines you; because until you experience who you are, you will continue to tell someone else’s story.

After February 6, 2012, the meaning of ‘Who I Am’, as well as the meaning of life both became crystal clear. Although, I have never considered myself to be religious; I began to perceive certain parts of the scripture in a most unique way, especially as relates to the scripture that pertains to Jesus. And because I quote and speak upon certain scripture, this seems to confuse people. Heck, some people even think that I am confused.

Meaning; they adamantly want to know if I am religious or not!

But, here’s what I tell people:

“Religion is not about the scripture, it is only about the “Main Character” that is the face that represents our religion. Thus, without believing that ‘Jesus’ or ‘Allah’ is God; there is ‘NO’ Christianity and there is ‘NO’ Nation of Islam. Therefore, because I attempt make ‘sense’ of certain scripture, this alone does not make me religious; it makes me Spiritual.”

After my ‘awakening’, I was able to extract and blend together pertinent information from the Christian Religion, from Science, from Philosophy, and also from Psychology and created “My very own personal Story” of what ‘I’ feel to be true.

Thus, this is what inspired me to create the book: Lying Beliefs: Stretching the boundaries on your path to enlightenment and what also inspired me to create this business page “NoMoEgo, LLC.”

What I have come to learn is that ‘you’ will only question your ‘self’, once you discover who you are and until then you will never know where to begin.

So, this is why I take time out of my day to do what I do. Because I am driven to help those who are interested find ‘real’ answers to life’s ‘real’ problems, in order to write their own ‘real’ story!

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