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Lying Beliefs Blog

In addition to us struggling with trying to define who we are, we also tussle with the notion of trying to determine what is our “true calling” in life?

And of course the very first thought that comes to mind as we try to visualize our calling is the following:

“What I am called upon to do in order to benefit my-SELF!”

The problem is our pursuit for any purpose in life is extremely ‘Self’-centered. In other words, we will never find our true purpose in life; if we only seek to acquire a ‘superficial’ position to satisfy our-SELVES.

Although, we are here to assist each other in ‘different’ ways; our ‘universal’ calling in life is the ‘same.’

Meaning; We ALL have a ‘Divine’ purpose for ‘Being’ here!

As children of this Universe we must come to know that ‘divinity’ or ‘love’ is our divine birthright. Which translates to mean; Love is our ‘only’ true calling in life. And when we awaken to recognize this universal fact, only then will we ‘transform’ into the ‘Divine Beings’ that we were all destined to be.

This Divine Universe calls upon its offspring to do ‘one’ simple thing and that is to exude and express the universal nature of Love; that’s it!!!

This means, Love is indeed our universal calling; however since we seem to be too busy communicating and listening to what our minds have to say, we are unable to answer this URGENT universal “Call to Action!”

Thus, if we never learn how to express the divine energy of love towards one another—then each and every one us will have missed our ‘True Calling’ in life.

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