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Lying Beliefs Blog


I know we human beings are very loyal to our cultures, because we believe that to some ‘large’ degree our cultures define who we are.

However, what if I told you that our cultures do not define our “authentic nature” and that they only represent a conscious experience? In other words; our cultures do not define who we are; they only define a “concept of living” that we have been privy to for the majority of our lives.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

What if the energy of who you are was born and raised in a different culture, do you believe that you would still be the same person that you ‘think’ you are today? Absolutely not!!!

See, you would have a completely different ‘self’ image! Meaning; it would be ‘impossible’ for you to ‘identify’ with the person that you ‘think’ you are today, if your cultural experience had been different.

In truth, life is nothing more than a “conscious experience” that should be shared; including our cultures! Therefore, no soul should be under the false impression that it is not in their nature to know another human beings culture.

Though, please do not get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a sincere love and respect for your culture and honoring the concepts and marvelous ideas that represent your culture. And although it is inevitable that our cultures will have an influence on our personal behavior, as well as on our personal interest; however they should ‘never’ have an impact on altering our ‘true personal nature!’

Here’s what I am really trying to convey: Though being born to another culture would certainly ‘change’ your ‘self’ identity, as well as how you ‘perceive’ life; however it would ‘NOT’ change how ‘YOU’ feel about life!

In other words; being born to another culture would not have an impact on the authentic ‘feeling’ that defines who ‘YOU’ are. Meaning; regardless of what culture we have been assigned to experience in this world; this cultural experience would never change the divine ‘FEELINGS’ in life that we are all in pursuit of, which are: Love, Peace, and Joy!

Love is our true nature; therefore no matter who you ‘think’ you are, please remember to always stay true to that illuminating ‘feeling’ that manifest who YOU are! Thus, do not allow your cultural experience to be guilty of tarnishing your true ‘loving’ nature!

Our universal nature is LOVE; therefore universally we are all ONE, hence “ONE LOVE!” And if we were to all suddenly awaken to this sense of knowing; this collective ‘POWER’ would ‘instantaneously’ change this World into a more Heavenly reality. WOW! What a glorious or “Godly” world this would be!!!

So, I say that we all have a ‘conscious’ change in direction and let’s all strive for “ONE LOVE!”

May someday peace, love, and joy be bestowed upon you and Mother Earth!

NoMoEgo, LLC