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Lying Beliefs Blog

The life this Universe had in store for us was suppose be pure and simple; however the infected mind of Man has twisted God’s plan.

Love is the divine and simple recipe for a pure life; however Fear is the recipe for a complicated, destructive, desecrated, and immoral life.

All beliefs aside: Do we not instinctively realize that we are born to Love; which means we have been ‘made’ to Fear?

We have all been created for one divine reason and that is to love; however through the beliefs of Man we have been injected with Fear, which erases our destiny.

I wonder when humanity is ever going to awaken to realize that only Love defines the simplicity of life and our conditioned beliefs breeds Fear, animosity, divisiveness, and complexity.

We must eventually come to know that Love is our divine nature; thus Love is real and Fear is a man-made ‘virus’ that is instilled.

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