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Your spiritual writing seems to indicate some Buddhist influences and those ideas about connection and “wholeness” seem to indicate people being interconnected. Was this informed by ideas such as global or cultural ‘Jung’ consciousness?


As far back as I can remember I have always been in pursuit of a better sense of what actually defines me. Therefore, I would only feast off of information that fed and nurtured my true essence. And the variety of information I selectively digested was not limited to any specific genre, concept, or idea.

I would have to say that I am more of an enigma; considering I am not an avid reader and I’ve never had aspirations to become a writer. I was ‘inspired’ to write solely based upon a deeper sense of knowing what truly defines me.

And as many of us live our lives in pursuit of academic degree(s) in order to achieve a higher level of learning; I on the other hand, have simply been in the pursuit of obtaining a higher degree of knowing.

In my opinion the spiritual Buddhist teachings regarding the laws of nature, as well as the conscious teachings of Jesus, are indicative of two human beings who were highly enlightened. And both of their messages are interconnected and serve as a platform to seek ‘wholeness’ through enlightenment.

As it pertains specifically to Jesus, from my perspective he was a light messenger. His mission was to have us all pursue wholeness through understanding that beyond what we physically see we are all interconnected by way of one illuminating solar light of conscious energy—which makes us all the light of this world.

Regardless of how one defines enlightenment, it is certainly not an overnight sensation, it is a journey. Thus, in order for one to become truly enlightened, you must possess the courage to look beyond what you have been conditioned to believe. And as you travel through this intricate puzzle we call life, you must innately sense via feelings of congruency, what pieces of wisdom are actually fitting to your internal exploration. Then, when you least expect it, you may stumble upon that final piece peace of wisdom that will complete your puzzling life. Only then will the true meaning of life and love come together. Hence, this beautiful experience will become the final conclusion to your pursuit of wholeness.

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