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Lying Beliefs Blog

CHILD:      Dear Father, please tell me Who I Am?

GOD:          Child, first allow me to tell you who you are “NOT” — YOU are not your SELF!

CHILD:      Really! Well then if I am not my ‘Self’; then who am “I”?

GOD:          My dear confused child “YOU” are simply “LOVE”!

Which means:  “YOU” are made from the divinity of my love and your “SELF” is made from the ‘sinful’ nature of Man’s beliefs.

See my child “YOU”; which is the ‘divine’ essence of my “LOVE” is all that is pure and true in this man-made world and it is only your false and oppressive “SELF” that serves to conceal your ‘divine’ identity!

Thus, the more attention “YOU” grant to your “SELF”; the less you know me. And the less you know me; the less you realize that “YOU” and “I” are indeed one in the same.

In other words my child, you are truly the ‘SOUL’ of ‘ME’; however you live a life of suffering because you falsely believe that you are the “FLESH of Man.”

So, in order for ‘YOU’ to be born again you must learn to reverse your form of ‘THINKING’ and awaken to KNOW your true identity — which is divinity. Which also means; ‘YOU’ must come to ‘KNOW ONE THING’!


GOD:          “YOU” DO NOT HAVE A SOUL! And do you know why?

CHILD:       NO FATHER I DON’T —please tell me WHY?????

GOD:           Because my dear child “YOU” are the “SOUL!!!”

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