Lying Beliefs
by Maurice Johnson

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International Award Winning Book Lying Beliefs is a creative non-fiction documentary designed to capture your attention and intrigue you by way of witty and imaginative analogies. And although some of the analogies maybe playful and lighthearted, the deliberate goal of this written dialogue is to grasp your awareness and plunge it deep into the vast sea of the human unknown and have you emerge with a clearer sense of what better defines you.

The primary purpose of this book is to take a stab at poking holes through the man-made darkness that currently occupies our subconscious mind. During this challenging process, I hope to expose your man-made paradigm enough to be able to have the light shine through in order to reveal the true you.

Although the message communicated within Lying Beliefs is well beneath the surface of common thought, the information is provided in a rational tone. However, in order to feel the depth of the material provided you must dive in heart first instead of head first.

  • Lying Beliefs addresses the undiscovered, conscious mind.
  • Lying Beliefs marries the Christian religion with science, and explains how the Universe’s Sun or (El Sol) represents the (light) that defines the soul of every living being.
  • Lying Beliefs theoretically unveils how oxygen is nothing more than a linguistic term that characterizes our consciousness.

Lying Beliefs provides the reader with animated analogies of how our subconscious mind has freed us from our own free will, and unbeknownst to us how we human beings have become willing servants to the man-made beliefs that lie deep within our subconscious mind. Thus, we human beings on a daily basis are being manipulated and misguided by man-made concepts that devour our divine power of love.

Therefore, if you are a human being who is seeking true freedom, then search no further. If you are willing to enter into your heart and open your subconscious mind, then Lying Beliefs will cast light upon the obscurity that bears humanity’s pain and suffering. It will also introduce to your subconscious mind the light that illuminates who you truly are.

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