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Lying Beliefs Blog

Question: Have you ever heard the expression “The mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Do you know what the premise is behind this statement?

Well, in my opinion it means it is a terrible thing to ‘pollute’ our subconscious mind with ‘wasteful’ thoughts, considering the end result is usually ‘garbage in, garbage out.’

Thus, ‘Lying Beliefs’ has been written to question and test our paradigms to the fullest. The information within this book has been orchestrated to closely examine what we believe in. However, be warned, this book is going to push the level of your current thinking to its utmost limit.

Now, with this being said, are you ready to question the man-made concept of who you think you are?

Alright, let the interrogation begin!

First and foremost, do you believe that the majority of our beliefs are based upon a vast amount of information that should be questioned? Do you recognize that our potential is stifled because of the attention that we grant to our beliefs? Do you know that our beliefs are direct results of our thoughts? Do you know it is only our beliefs that ‘weaken’ us human beings?

Finally, do you know it is only our beliefs that lurk within our subconscious mind that create our fears and worries?

Well, if you believe that ‘fear’ is a side effect of our beliefs then please ask your ‘self’ the following crucial question: If fear is not in my best interest, then why do I elect to accept an emotion that completely contradicts my sincerest interest?