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Lying Beliefs Blog


Let’s first address real danger. There is no denying that there is indeed real danger that exist in this world. And for the most part the dangerous human beings that plague our planet are often driven by the ‘make-believe’ monsters that control their minds. In other words, the manifestation of their beliefs drives them to cause ‘unthinkable’ harm to their fellow souls without any remorse.

Therefore, we do need to be ‘cautious’ of real danger. However if we are honest with our-selves; we know that in truth it’s not ‘REAL’ danger that plagues us the most—it’s ‘UNREAL’ Fear!

The man-made Devil that we have been conditioned to fear ‘lies’ only in the details of our beliefs.

Thus, if we actually exercised one ‘thought’ for one second; we would ‘REAL-IZE’ that this man-made Devil that we spend our entire lives fearing does not cause us any “Real Danger”; because in truth this imaginary enemy only exist in our head!

Which means because we truly ‘believe’ in this man-made idea of a Devil, our beliefs give birth to this monster that haunts us only in our minds.

The majority of our fears are ‘unreal’ and reside only in our heads. And we will continue to be frightened and ‘afraid’ because this is the bed that we have all made.

So, the choice is yours; you can continue to have nightmares as you ‘lie’ in the uncomfortable bed that you have made—our decide to ‘re-make’ your bed and sleep “Happily Ever After!”

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