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Lying Beliefs Blog

Religion is a prescription that has been prescribed only to ease our pain. But, no matter how much of our religious rhetoric we consume there will never be a dosage strong enough to ultimately ‘heal’ what we ‘internally suffer’ from. Hence, despite our religious conditioning, please understand one thing; only ‘we’ can save ‘who we really are’ from our ‘selves.’

Therefore, we need to try to open our mind to the reality that the true essence of this Universe will only help us if we make a valid attempt to separate ‘who we are’ from our ‘self’. Thus, as it has been said, “God can only help those who help them ‘selves’.”

The whole purpose of this information is to warn us to be careful of the ‘religious’ conditioning that we’re being fed; because it may not be for our own ‘spiritual’ good.

However, after it is all said and done, whether we discern this or not, the choice that we make might not be our own. Just make certain that your ‘religious ego’ is not making this life staking decision for ‘YOU!’

So, the bottom line is we can continue to worship Man’s ‘Divisive’ concept of Religion or pursue ‘Wholeness’ through Spiritual Peace.

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