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Lying Beliefs Blog

Though I am not a religious believer in any man-made idea of this Universe, I do sense that the truth is hidden within the Bible. And although the truth we seek lives within this Ancient text, this book is written in the context of a ‘Riddle.’

Therefore, to unravel any riddle one must expand their sense of awareness and work hard to stretch their perception outside of their current realm of thinking versus remaining steadfast with what they want to believe is true.

Do you know why most religious believers will never find the truth they seek in the scripture? Because in reality they are not seeking what is really true; they are only seeking confirmation!

Meaning: As we thoroughly examine the scripture for answers, we are only seeking to confirm the truth that ‘supposedly’ lives within the story. In other words, as we read and try to dissect the scripture for meaning; our primary goal is to have the scripture speak and compliment the truth that we ‘wholeheartedly’ want to believe exist in the story.

And do you know why this statement is true?

Well, because we actually have ‘more faith’ in the story, than we do in the scripture! In other words; we only believe in Man’s religious idea of God in hopes that the story is true!

See, the truth is tucked away and hidden only in the scripture. Therefore no matter how diligently we try to cross reference the scripture to honor the story; we will forever encounter an “unhappy ending” , considering the ‘truth’ only ‘lies’ in one place!

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