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Although scientists possess brilliant minds; even their ‘egos’ plague their awareness.

The most important thing in life is our ‘subjective’ awareness; and yet scientists spend most of their ‘subjective’ awareness, and resources on trying to ‘objectively’ prove that the ‘unseen’ nature of consciousness is a ‘neurological’ phenomenon.

Well, do you know why scientists tussle with trying to discover what genuinely defines us, along with exposing our consciousness?

Well, quite frankly the answer to these eerie questions is quite simple. The reason why scientists struggle with defining who we are is because all of their research is focused on defining who we are from a ‘physical perspective’ versus from an ‘intangible aspect.’

Whether scientist realize this or not, “seek and you shall find” has absolutely nothing to do with ‘eyesight’; however it has everything to do with ‘INSIGHT!’

Since scientists, as well as, the rest of humanity believe that the human brain is the tool that defines us this misconception of knowledge will forever keep our true identity a secret. Considering, we will always be faced with an invalid man-made sense of self.

And as I mentioned a prior post, scientists for a lack of conscious discovery, only assume that our consciousness stems from the human brain, simply because our human brain seems to be the most logical location.

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