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Lying Beliefs Blog

As Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently stated; “No one can make ‘YOU’ feel inferior without your consent.” In other words; inferiority is a man-made illusion!

There is no human being that is born inferior to another; considering ‘love’ is the only thing that defines the true nature of every human being. An inferiority complex is a man-made condition that is programmed to deplete another human being’s ‘Self’-value. And if one’s suffers from a feeling of insufficient ‘Self’ worth; then they are more liable to be ‘Self’-destructive.

This misguided perception of self is what diminishes a human being’s life. And if you happen to be an individual who suffers from this mental misconception then please know there is a more “Extraordinary YOU” that is awaiting your attention.

Therefore, you need to shift your awareness from being ‘self’ conscious to being more conscious of ‘YOU.’ And please know, when you find out who you really are and ‘lose’ your ‘self’ you will ‘gain’ so much more.

I have a question for those who think that violence is the answer in order to gain recognition: Do you not realize that using violence just because; does very little to help your ‘Self’ respect cause?

No one can demand respect, until they first have respect for themselves!

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