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Lying Beliefs Blog

Of course most of humanity believes that our reflection in the mirror reflects who we are. In other words, our conditioned mind makes us believe that our body defines us. There are very few humans who take the time to ‘feel’ and ‘rationalize’ that they are the “living soul” that LIVES within their human body.

Most people speak of the soul metaphorically because the soul is not made of matter. However, in the grand scheme of our reality there is absolutely nothing in this Universe that ‘matters’ more than the ‘conscious energy’ of a living soul.

So, I ask you what really defines a ‘living soul’?

Well, here’s my ‘sensible’ opinion:

A living soul/’SOL’, which is the indicator of conscious life, is defined by ‘SOLar Energy.’ As it relates to life on this planet, Solar Energy lives and represents everything— even US human beings. In truth, we are essentially “Solar Beings.” It is the Sun of this Universe or as Christians prefers to say: “The Son/Sun of God” that lives within US.

However, the Sun of this Universe does not really live within us; because technically speaking the Sun of this Universe is US!

We are all a divine reflection of the ‘everlasting’ Sun of this Universe; which means when your life experience as a living soul comes to an end, the ‘Solar Energy’ that represents who you truly are does not die. See, the material of your human body that you occupy was designed to expire. Your body was never created to be everlasting, because it was formed as a ‘temporary’ tool to allow you as a ‘living soul’ to experience life within this physical realm of reality however you ‘perceive’ fit.

But, because we have been convinced to believe that the human body defines us, we truly ‘think’ that when this material body, that we relate to as being us is laid to rest; we truly accept the ingrained idea that we have actually died, when in essence only our experience within this realm of reality as a living soul has come to an end. In other words, only our man-made concept of ‘Self’ has been laid to rest.

The ‘conscious’ universal energy of life that symbolizes the soul is the ‘everlasting’ Solar Energy that defines us all. And when our human body reaches its expiration date; we the living soul will then head back home.

So where is home you might ask? Well, despite what many want to believe, home is not man’s make-believe biblical version of Heaven.

Home is simply back to the ‘Sun’ of God or the ‘Sun’ of this Universe, which is the central home for all eternal life.

Let’s face it; no one will ever know what really happens to the solar energy after it vacates a human body. In other words, no one will ever truly know how solar energy is recycled, reincarnated, etc….

Although, what I do find interesting is occasionally after a generation has passed a new ‘Soul’ is born that exudes a familiar energy that makes you ‘feel’ as if they have been here before. Thus, this recognizable energy is what’s commonly refer to as an “Old Soul.”

In closing; YOU, the conscious soul, which is the solar energy of this Universe is defined ONLY by a symbol of LOVE. There is absolutely no other man-made idea or concept that you are conditioned to live by that authentically defines you. Considering, whenever we as living souls are basking in the Sun’s Glory; LOVE is the only emotion that we ‘naturally’ feel.

We humans will continue to suffer ‘internally’ and for all ‘eternity’ as long as we continue to defend and worship the “man-made lie” that has been assigned to this Universe.

May we all one day acknowledge the true ‘light’ of this world.