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Lying Beliefs Blog

I sense that it’s safe to say that most of humanity is ‘thirsty’ for answers or in other words thirsty for real knowledge. However, the question is; what sort of knowledge are we truly seeking?

Of course there’s that old cliché that “Knowledge is Power”; although the knowledge that we human beings tend to seek usually applies to man-made information, which is a false sense of knowledge. Hence, this man-made power is really more ‘destructive’ than constructive.

Since middle school I have always been in pursuit of a deeper sense of what better identifies “Who I Am.” And three years ago, in my personal opinion, I plugged into this knowing. However, little did I know, not only would I identify Who I Am; but I would also discover what represents the true nature of every human being on this planet? And with this being said, I can honestly say that I truly “Love YOU!”

Because when one recognizes that their true nature is universal, only then do they begin to see who they are not just in someone else; but in “everything else!”

Let me tell you when you tap into this nature of knowing, you begin to realize the true meaning of another popular cliché which is “I Love Life!”

See, when we peel away the material identity of who we ‘think’ we are; we in turn unveil that every human being on this planet is simply the energy of “conscious life” in the bodily form of human!

So, if I perceive “You” as the divine miracle of “Life” and I proclaim to LOVE LIFE; then guess what? I have no choice but to ‘naturally’ love you.

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