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Lying Beliefs Blog


We human beings seem to misconstrue the difference between pain and suffering. And because we know no difference we are ‘conditioned’ to believe that we are ‘born’ to suffer; which nothing could be further from the truth.

See, the only reason we are born to experience sadness and pain is so that we can appreciate JOY!

However, ‘PAIN’ is only a temporary feeling that we experience in the ‘present moment’; whereas ‘SUFFERING’ is an everlasting emotion that does ‘NOT’ exist in the moment—because suffering is only ‘experienced’ in the mind!!!

Until we human beings decide to change our minds, we will never change our lives.

Whether we realize this or not; by way of our man-made ‘beliefs’ we all collectively create our own suffering. And unfortunately this precious planet will proceed to manifest suffering, unless we change our minds, which will in turn change our thoughts; which will ultimately change our hearts!

We all need to be the change that we want to see in this world!

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