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I have a question of concern: If we all know that we are not guaranteed tomorrow; then why do some of us strongly believe, that we are guaranteed a better life after this one?

It seems as if we fail to realize that in ‘reality’ the energy of life does not live in tomorrow, because it only resides in today and there is definitely no guaranteed life—after ‘RIGHT NOW.’ See, the life you want will only ‘present’ itself, after you stop worrying about tomorrow.

Yet, all we do is spend every precious moment of “Real Life”, ‘hoping’ for a better tomorrow and not once do we focus on making ‘today’ better; which is the only essence of ‘Life’ that will ‘forever’ be available to us.

Our power does not reside in tomorrow; considering we can’t control what does not exist!

Tomorrow is only a fictitious moment; it is a ‘hopeful’ moment that our minds create for us to live in. And if you take the time to notice, you will see that we spend the majority of our lives living only for tomorrow; which means very few human beings take time to experience and appreciate the only moment that is real—the Here and Now!

We need to cease trying to experience an imaginary moment that we have no control of; because in reality, this future moment that we spend our entire lives worrying about is usually the byproduct of a delusional ‘man-made’ idea.

The tomorrow we hope and pray for will never come; because in most cases our outlook toward tomorrow is underlined with ‘fear’ and ‘worry.’ So, if you really want to experience a better tomorrow per say; then you must project a ‘better’ outlook ‘TODAY!’

Live today as you would tomorrow; because a better tomorrow can only be achieved if you begin living it today!

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