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Lying Beliefs Blog

I have a very ‘sensitive’ question that must be addressed; because the World’s Well ‘Being’ depends on it: Why do you think we believe that our hearts are responsible for our ill nature? In other words; why do we elect to believe that our hearts are wicked?

In truth our hearts are incredible organs, which are composed of approximately 40,000 ‘Sensory’ neurons that can sense, feel, learn, and remember. So, with this being said; do you really believe that our Loving Creator designed this magnificent organ to be sinful?

Some Christian scholars tend to teach us that we are born with a wicked heart; as if to insinuate our heart, which is a “special and sensitive organ”, is a little “Evil Monster” that was created to intentionally make us feel bad. When in reality it is only ‘our attention’ that we often hand over to our ‘Selfish’ man-made paradigms that makes our heart impose a wicked feeling upon our human flesh.

See, in order for our hearts to be directly responsible for our sinful behavior, we would at least need to ‘pay attention’ to what our hearts are trying to convey.

Please understand that our sinful behavior or our immoral actions all stem from the attention that we religiously place upon our man-made mind chatter. Please do not accuse our humble heart for our human suffering, considering we seldom allow our heart to speak.

Humanity’s perpetual ‘subconscious’ thinking is synonymous to us constantly listening to our man-made ‘Selves.’ And if we are frequently communicating with our-Selves, then how can there be any room to listen to the essence of whom we are?

See, if we truly yearn for love, peace, and joy; then we must cease listening to our-Selves and begin to sense what we authentically desire—which is indeed love, peace, and joy.

What’s interesting is our human brain is considered to be the most essential organ within the human body. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Meaning: we live our entire lives primarily from our mind’s perspective and in doing so our brains tend to drive us ‘wickedly’ insane!

What we souls fail to realize is we must “lose our minds”— in order to gain a “Loving Heart.”

In summary: We should not blame our hearts for what we ‘uncontrollably’ do.

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