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The primary reason why our heart is considered ‘sacred’ is because our heart is where we are first detected. Thus our heart is the organ that bears the ‘universal energy’ of our ‘initial’ existence.

Please allow me to explain:

Through every ‘spiritual’ breath a pregnant mother absorbs from this Universe, her oxygen or ‘conscious’ enriched blood—via her umbilical cord—bestows upon her embryo the ‘conscious solar’ energy of this Universe.’ Hence, the ultrasound which is a device used to pick up the ‘reflections’ of ultrasonic pulses, detects during inaugural creation, the ‘reflections of sacred life’ within the mother’s womb weeks before any reproduction of the human form is plausible. This ‘mysteriously’ profound object of embryonic conception is the “true YOU!”

During early generation our human material is pending formulation around ‘our incorporeal sacred energy.’ Amid this pure, miraculous, moment of essential life our physical components do not fully exist and there is ‘no’ developed brain tissue. Life at this point is blissfully glorious and nothing else “mortally matters” outside of the ‘immortal’ Godly energy of ‘you’—The Soul(Sol) of this Universe!

Our heart is the only human organ that we witness a beat or ‘vibration.’ And this is because our heart contains the ‘Sol-ar’ Vibration of Conscious Life. The human heart is indeed the human body’s ‘sole/soul’ essential organ.

I know there are a lot of man-made concepts which circulate in this world and many relate to the bewilderment of the human unknown. However, if you choose to believe in another concept; please ‘cradle’ the real ‘conception’ of who YOU are!

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