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Lying Beliefs Blog

FACT: There is not one idea that has ever been created that has any power without its believer(s)

FACT: The ‘less’ you question what you believe in; the ‘more’ you will question who you really are

FACT: The more faith that you possess for an idea— the more that idea will possess you

FACT: Every adult human being lends a ‘blind’ eye to life; because we all perceive the world only from our mind’s eye

FACT: Only ‘your awareness’ determines where ‘you’ live; therefore always be aware, of where you lend your attention

FACT: There is ‘no idea’ in the history of mankind that has spawn more hatred, violence, and fear than religion

FACT: We hate and fear one another solely based upon conditioned lies, that we have been conditioned to believe are true

FACT: We only rely on HOPE—because we lack understanding and yet believing in false hope, only prolongs our fears and worries.