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Lying Beliefs Blog


Despite popular belief; the “Material Machine” that we call a brain does not ‘produce’ the energy of ‘our’ awareness, it only ‘reproduces’ the concepts that IT has been conditioned to keep.

In other words; it does not exude the universal energy of consciousness it only exudes the ‘limiting’ energy of Man’s beliefs.

See, there is NO location, NO area, or NO cell within the human brain that has been discovered that is responsible for ‘generating’ consciousness; hence, it is ‘not’ the keeper of consciousness, it is only the “Keeper of Concepts!”

However, there does seem to be a “Solitary Confinement CELL” within the human brain that seems to imprison us and keep us hostage to the concepts that IT keeps!

We must awaken to realize that we were not created to serve a “life sentence” as prisoners within our own minds.

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