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Lying Beliefs Blog

Before you proceed to read this post, please know one thing, my objective is not to bash any one presidential opponent, because quite frankly this election is larger than any one candidate. Considering, this election seems to have a ‘detri-mental’ impact on ALL of US!

Meaning, it is very hard not to notice how this specific presidential election has ‘unhinged’ so many people. I often hear people say: “Wow, people are really losing their minds over this election.” Well the truth of the matter is we really aren’t “losing our minds”; our ‘attention’ is just completely ‘lost’ and entangled within the beliefs that live in our minds. We human beings ‘waste’ our entire lives ‘listening’ to what our beliefs have to say.

This last and final debate is nothing more than just a “Battle of BELIEFS” and the sad thing is no matter who is elected president there will be no winner! See, both of these candidates carry their own degree of ‘deplorable’ baggage.

Unless we human beings seek to look beyond this political madness and come to terms with knowing that it is solely our ‘personal’ responsibility to create our ‘own’ happiness and prosperity, we will continue to suffer through believing that someone else has the power to make us happy.

We invest an enormous amount of ‘personal-energy’ supporting who we consider to be our presidential candidate and yet these candidates that we ‘fight’ for has absolutely no ‘personal’ interest in us.

Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has absolutely no idea who you are; therefore how can they possible care about your personal well-Being. These candidates have only one specific interest in mind and that is to persuade your way of thinking. In other words, they are only interested in one thing and one thing only and that is “What You Think!”

The primary focus of every debate is simply to influence your way of thinking. Because through manipulating your thoughts they are able to obtain the only thing that they really care about; which is YOUR VOTE!

Once they have your vote, trust me your life will not change for the better. In regards to the promise of creating higher paying jobs; well, unless you plan on achieving a higher education, then these higher paying jobs do not pertain to you.

We human beings are a very “co-dependent” species, we invest so much of our energy in ‘hoping’ than someone else is going to get the ‘job’ done for us, instead of working together in order to get the job done ourselves!

We need to view our place in this Country, as we would a successful ‘Organization.’ Meaning, we must ultimately discern that there is no CEO of any Corporation that has the ‘sole-power’ to be successful without the commitment and organization of its workers, who ‘collectively focus’ on achieving the Company’s mission statement.

Now, I know there are many of us who are not experiencing prosperity within any Corporation. However, if we human beings were to work toward our “Universal Mission Statement”, which is to experience peace, love, and happiness; then we would all be rewarded with true prosperity.

I am sure that we have all heard the following expression: ‘Divided’ we fall; ‘United’ we stand. However, I prefer to say; ‘Divided’ we FAIL; ‘United’ we PROSPER!

Please know ‘prosperity’ is not defined by your ‘financial’ wellness. Prosperity is only defined by your ‘EMOTIONAL’ Well-Being!

So, with this being said let ask you a very important question; when you are investing so much of your “Emotional Energy” into supporting your ‘ideal’ candidate do you ‘FEEL’ happy or frustrated?

Well, if you are someone who is overcome with frustration while supporting your ‘supposed’ candidate; then guess what—you are not experiencing prosperity.