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Lying Beliefs Blog


It has been said that every soul in the form of human that resides on this sacred planet is on trial or in other words: The “Being” of every Human ‘Being’ is being tested.

Well, to a large degree this does appear to be somewhat true.

See, during our elementary years; we souls are vulnerable, considering our ability to ‘think’ rationally has yet to be fully developed. And during this ‘defenseless’ state of ‘Being’ our subconscious minds are being bombarded with a plethora of questionable man-made information. And by the time our sense of rationale kicks in we are stuck with a mind full of conspicuous information to think upon and decipher its validity. This scrupulous man-made data which has saturated our subconscious minds for years leaves us lost and confused as to what defines who we are and what really defines ‘life’ itself.

This unfortunate case of mental child abuse is what personifies the idea of “Hell on Earth”; considering it feels like ‘Hell’, as we seriously struggle with these man-made ideas that contradict and conflict with our true ‘loving’ nature.

However, in order to pass this test that has been formulated by man, there is an ironic caveat that must be understood: We should not study upon the information that we have already been taught. In other words, to the extreme contrary, we should try to ‘forget’ what we have learned, especially as it relates to who we ‘think’ we are; our conditioned concept of life; and even how we have been persuaded to perceive the “Male Self-Image of God.”

Now, once your awareness has escaped these entrapping concepts; ‘YOU’ are then free!

Meaning: Once your awareness shifts from believing in ‘man-made’ concepts; your subconscious mind has no choice but to release you. Now once you as the soul have been released from your subconscious mind this is when you begin your ‘Ascension’ from Hell toward HEAVEN!

Thus, this is when we finally awaken to know that Hell was only an man-made idea that resided within our subconscious mind. Then from this supreme moment of awareness a surreal feeling of transcendence takes over your entire body and your body feels restored or in other words ‘resurrected.’ And for the first time during your existence the idea or the feeling of Heaven is realized; because you will finally discover that ‘YOU’ and the ‘Universal of essence of GOD’ share the same divine energy!

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