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Okay, let’s proceed to address the nature of the sacred soul.

The most common synonyms associated with the human soul are: spirit, mind, psyche, and self. 

Well, the synonyms I prefer to use to represent the incorporeal soul are: consciousness, life, ‘Being’, energy, spirit, the ‘light’, and last but not least; the “power of love.”

So, with this being said, I have a ‘soulful’ question for you. If we declare that we have a soul, then what role do we believe our soul plays, as it relates to our reality? In other words, if we believe that we have a soul, then why do we view our soul so metaphorically?

The main reason we human beings refer to our souls so metaphorically and struggle with the notion of actually Being “THE” souls is because our souls are not tangible.

This translates to “If our souls are not physically evident, then how can they be relevant to our physical reality?” And since we cannot physically identify with our souls we do not dignify our ‘selves’ as being souls; which is why we human beings live an inappropriate life.

See, until we as God’s soul spiritually sense the true energy of who we are we will continue to believe that our human form is what naturally defines us. This means ‘WE’ as ‘God’s souls’ will forever be cornered within the demeaning maze of our own subconscious minds.

Until we, as God’s souls, become aware that we are indeed the ‘awareness’ we will remain broken because the soul of who we are is not in proper alignment or in harmony with ‘Its’ divine nature.

Hence, in order to be in concert with this Universe, the subconscious mind, body, and soul must be in harmony. Notice how all three of these entities stand alone. However, as it stands now our lives are in disharmony because we as God’s souls are technically not in accord with our own lives.

We must come ‘KNOW’ that we as God’s ‘Soul’ perceives, which means we are the ‘conscious’ observer that realizes (something) does exist. The ‘Mind’ conceives, which means the sub-conscious mind is what formulate or devise a plan or idea. Thus, our ‘Body’ experiences what we the Soul perceives and our Mind conceives.

Which ultimately means; neither the ‘Mind’ nor the ‘Body’ produces the mystical nature of consciousness, because we as the incorporeal ‘Souls’ of this Universe are the “Awareness!”

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