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Lying Beliefs Blog

This sacred World has become humanities burden; because it is infused with “self-destructive” man-made ideas that weigh us down!

Ok, it’s time to take a deep look into our subconscious minds and discover the power it possesses. It’s time that we grasp a better understanding how this miraculous tool works, because the ‘reality’ that we experience depends on ‘IT’!

So with this being said; what is the subconscious mind?

Well, from my perspective, the subconscious mind is comprised of the following three levels: Analytical, Creative, and ‘Reactive’ and it’s the “Reactive level” that is crucial to the survival of us human beings. The Reactive level is where our man-made beliefs reside.

Thus, our behavior, as well as our perception is primarily determined from this level, as it relates to how we human beings ‘spontaneously react’ towards life.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful ‘God’ given gift ‘unknown’ to humanity. Thus, the subconscious mind can either be a blessing or a curse to us human beings.

The subconscious mind is connected to this Almighty Universe. Which means;the subconscious mind is all-knowing and if not managed properly can be ‘SELF’ controlling.

Hence, in this Whole Universe there is only ‘one universal mind’, and that is the subconscious mind. This means the so called ‘conscious mind’ is merely a presumed mind. Considering, a conscious mind or any other mind for that matter, has yet to be discovered.

The subconscious mind is responsible for aiding in the development and manifestation of our beliefs. The subconscious mind stores our memories; in other words registers our conscious experiences.

The subconscious mind adheres to our thoughts and our awareness. The subconscious mind honors our desires, as well as our fears and worries.

The subconscious mind is what ensures that “we get what we give.” Hence, whatever we religiously believe in or think about the most our subconscious mind will do whatever is necessary to bring our beliefs to fruition, even if the fruition is in the form of an illusion.

Our subconscious mind can either be our companion or our enemy. And the only way our subconscious mind can ever be our companion is if we do not rely on it to define who we are.

However, our subconscious mind will forever be our enemy, as long as we refer to the man-made concepts that reside within our subconscious mind for our ‘self’ identity.

Hence, the current state of our subconscious mind can also be referred to as the “Man-Made Mind.” Considering, as it stands now, our subconscious mind is controlling us solely based upon our man-made beliefs.

Now, for those who may have notice my reference toward us ‘NOT’ having a presumed “conscious mind” and immediately said to themselves: “Wait a minute, what does he mean by we may not have a conscious mind?” Hence, if we don’t have a conscious mind then what exudes our consciousness? The simple answer is; “WE DO!”Which I will elaborate upon in a future post.

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