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I was just part of a group discussion regarding whether or not the “Present Moment” is as valuable as spiritual gurus proclaim.


“One of the participant’s mentioned that the past is all there is, considering the past is the only moment that contains events that can be accounted for. And as it relates to the present moment; well the present moment is actually irrelevant, because it is a fleeting moment that quickly becomes the past. And the future is a moment that is completed deducted from reality, since it’s a moment that has yet to come into fruition.”

Now, although I thought his opinion was very interesting, this is what I had to say in regards to his perspective pertaining to the ‘past’ being the only moment that defines reality:

The present moment is all there is and all there ever will be, because based upon the decisions that we make in the present moment provides us with a verdict that will ultimately manifest our past, as well as our future. Thus, it is only through the portal of the present moment that constructs the past and formulates the idea of the future.

Using the man-made concept of time as it relates to the past and the future, both of these notions are nothing more than unrealistic measures of time. Since we are unable to physical sense and interact with either of these moments.

The primary reason why we human beings struggle with understanding the true ‘value’ of the present moment is because we spend the vast majority of our lives dwelling on the past and worrying about our future; which in turn makes us oblivious to the ‘power’ that lives only within the present moment.

Everything that we do is ‘initiated’ in the present moment and what we human beings choose to do within this ‘invaluable’ moment determines everything. See, the ‘choices’ that we humans make in the present moment begin to lay the foundation for our past and then proceeds to build upon and construct our future.

Ok, let’s use the presidential campaign as a prime example. Let’s say that during the time of the presidential election, at that ‘specific moment’ Donald Trump is elected our next President and during his four year term as president, his EGO becomes so enormous and out of control that it converts our future into a ‘real life’ living HELL. Guess what? There was only one moment that would be responsible for creating this future catastrophe and it is ‘NOT’ the past. The collective decisions made by desperate Americans during an “invaluable present moment” will have created a future that will be filled with tremendous turmoil and mayhem.

“There is no time like the present!”

This is more than just a figure of speech; this is a bona-fide fact. The past and the future all rely upon the powerful moment of the NOW. Without the presence of ‘Now’ nothing would ever exist.

We human beings are designed to experience and interact only with one ‘authentic’ moment and that is the “PRESENT MOMENT!”