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Lying Beliefs Blog

We accept an ancient book that has been written and rewritten by man. Yet, we dare not question what makes no sense and we often accept an explanation that is usually laced with ‘defense’ from those whom we believe have all the answers. We must seek the courage to comprehend that whenever someone is diligently ‘defending’ anything—it is ‘traditionally’ a LIE!

We are conditioned to believe that not only every word of this book is true; but the ‘questionable’ man-made Story surrounding this Universe is also true. Yet, know man knows what really lives beyond God’s Sun!

What I find fascinating is that it has been over 2000 years, and due to our man-made beliefs we have yet to comprehend Jesus’ divine message or his true mission for us to pursue ‘Wholeness.’ Considering our attention is so fixated on man’s story of the messenger we have failed to ‘interpret the messenger’s real message.’

In my opinion; Jesus was a messenger of the ‘light’; which is why He was considered to be an en-‘light’-ened messenger. Hence, the real premise of Jesus’ Holy ‘Wholly’ mission was to try to have humanity envision that the ‘SUN’ of God is also the ‘SUN’ of Man.

Or in other words, “the Sun of God is actually the Sun that lives and shines within Man or within all humanity.” Thus, only through this degree of enlightenment will our divine light shine and make us all the light of this world!