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Lying Beliefs Blog


The Glorious Sun of God ‘faithfully’ shines down upon us to cast out the darkness. The Sun of God provides us; its children with everything that we need and ask for nothing. It does not desire to be worshiped or prayed to; it just simply shines so that we can ‘live’ and ‘prosper.’ Yet, we ‘religiously’ shun this ‘life giver’ for a ‘theoretical’ man-made idea.

What we human beings fail to realize is that this Universe is constantly ‘evolving’ and we human beings are the most recent evolution of this Universe. However, if we do not awaken from our ‘subconscious’ state of existence to recognize our true ‘universal’ nature; the ‘consciousness’ of this Universe will evolve into some other advanced ‘form’ of life and eradicate the ‘self-serving’ human species all together.

Regardless of what we believe to be true; the vast majority of us have yet to experience the true meaning of ‘life’ on this sacred planet.

Therefore, we all suffer because we choose to experience life from our secluded or godforsaken ‘minds-eye’ versus from a ‘universal’ awareness.

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