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Lying Beliefs Blog

“The True Mystery of Life”:

The mystery of life is so profound and no matter what we may think it cannot be defined as a noun.

It is this precious mystery of life that makes our loving heart sing. However, in its natural essence it cannot be described as a person, place, or thing.

Life is not a ‘temporary’ material presence; it is an ‘everlasting’ incorporeal essence.

As it relates to our vast conscious Universe, life is the most vital component. Yet, there is only one space where life can really be embraced and that is within the present moment.

Without life, life itself would have no true meaning. Considering, it’s only life that provides us with that oh so loving feeling.

We are conditioned to think that life is defined by what we materially possess; which is why our lives resemble such a stressful mess.

We believe that our human form represents the true nature of our life. Thus, when our man-made perception of ‘self’ is dead and gone, our true sacred identity will still live on.

Only through manifesting a true oneness with life, will this create a real sense of peace and harmony throughout our Universe. However, until then, humanity will forever remain cursed.

So, no matter what your man-made paradigm makes you think or do, there will always be one essential element that stands true. The Sacred Mystery of Life will forever be the ‘SOUL’ energy of ‘YOU’!