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Lying Beliefs Blog


Did you know that when you were born, so was the truth? And do you realize that the truth has never left you and that it is always present and it always will be?

The truth is always there and it always exist and all it takes is a simple ‘shift’ in our awareness in order to discover the truth. And even as you read this post, the truth is standing by your side just patiently awaiting your attention.

Hence, that is our problem!!!

Our ‘Attention’ has gradually been distracted from the truth, since we were born and we will never encounter the truth as long as our attention remains ‘attracted’ to what we ‘believe’ to be true!

Thus, the scary truth is: The main reason most human beings will die never experiencing the truth is because we have all been ‘conditioned’ to believe that a ‘lie’ is true.

We can’t perceive the truth that ‘stands’ before us; because of the ‘blinding’ beliefs that ‘lies’ within us.

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