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Lying Beliefs Blog


I find it utterly amazing how our minds are able to cloud our perception in such a way that we are literally blinded from the truth that shines down upon us.

There is nothing in this world that is more spectacular or amazing than God’s Sun!

The Sun of God is the true giver of Life and Love. And the Sun’s radiance and ‘Solar’ energy defines the ‘intangible life’ that represents every living Sol/Soul on this planet. We human beings can’t perceive the ‘light’ that shines down upon us, because we live in the darkness of our own minds.

Everything on this planet is fueled by ‘Solar’ energy, even YOU!

Every ‘living’ being on this planet shares the energy of life from the ‘SOL’ of this Universe or in other words from the ‘SUN’ of God!

In ‘truth’ we only ‘know’ what our minds make us believe. The love that ‘shines’ within our human forms is a reflection of that ‘divine light’ that resides in our sky. This beacon of ‘light’ or ‘energy’ that radiates from God’s Sun is constant and everlasting. And if we never become enlightened to this level of knowing, then the true ‘energy’ that stems from God’s Sun, which is ‘love’ will never prevail. And if ‘Love’ never prevails—then we will forever experience ‘Hell!’

Let’s be honest, this information is really not that hard to believe. However, based upon the arrogance of our ‘religious’ egos it might be hard to accept.

A defensive mind can ‘lie’ to you and make ‘YOU’ believe anything; however, only ‘YOU’ can introduce your mind to the truth!

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