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Lying Beliefs Blog

The landscape of this world is slowly changing for the worst. The fear is becoming more and more real and of course the more we fear the less we love.

This world that was created in the name of love is being completely ruined by fear. Make no mistake about it, as you read this, fear is steadily consuming this world.

Now the question is why? Why do we allow fear to enter into our minds and plague our hearts? What actually fuels fear? In other words, how is this destructive emotion that we call fear created?

Well, from my perspective ‘fear’ is created only from man-made ideas that we embrace and then accept, by believing that these man-made ideas are true. Meaning; there are certain ‘ideas’ that we all live by that construct our reality and form our fears. Thus, the Religious ‘IDEA’ of this Universe is without a doubt one the most ‘destructive ideas’ every created by the minds of man that formulate the world’s fears!

It is quite obvious that no one knows the ‘true’ origin of this Universe and in my opinion to presume that you know ‘Who’ specifically represents this Universe is not only absurd—but blaspheme in itself.

It is the ‘selfish’ and extremely ‘outdated’ man-made ideas of this Universe that has now and will forever create turmoil in this world.

Please allow me to be crystal clear; no matter who runs this Country, if they are under the false impression that we are at War with a group of Militant Thugs or Religious Radicals; then this person has absolutely no ‘idea’ what we are up against.

What the world fails to realize is this battle that we human beings are all faced with is not against any particular group of people, this fight goes far beyond the surface of this presumption.

For an example; this group of individuals that we call ISIS represents far more than a group of Religious Terrorist, they represent an “Ancient Idea!”

Therefore, until we defeat this Selfish MAN-MADE IDEA that we all seem to have of this Universe; we will forever be confronted with fear and faced with War!

In other words, we human beings will never be able to defeat our fears; until we destroy the ideas that create them.