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Lying Beliefs Blog

I know that I may come across as if I have a real problem with religion; however my central issue is with certain ‘supposed truths’ that makes no sense to me, but yet I am told that it is not for me to understand, therefore accept it and don’t question it. Hmmmm, unlike most; I have hugh problem with such a demand.

But believe it or not; there is also information that ‘lies’ within Science that makes absolutely no sense to me as well and just like religion, scientist insinuate that it is not for us to understand, therefore accept it and do not question it.

And here are the three scientific ‘supposed truths’ that make absolutely no sense to me:

1) Our DNA, which is a unique genetic ‘material’ is the key that generates the ‘intangible’ energy of [life]
2) Our HEART, which is a ‘physical’ organ ‘mysteriously’ generates its own [electricity]
3) Our BRAIN, which is a form of ‘physical matter’ produces the phenomena of unseen [electro-magnetic energy] that manifest consciousness and thought.

Do you realize that ‘life’ is the universal ‘energy’ that creates the ‘electricity’ that sparks the HEART, which activates our DNA and also transmits the ‘electro-magnetic’ energy of consciousness to our BRAINS?

Every breath our body inhales is the ‘solar energy’ from God’s Sun that sparks the sinoatrial node (SA node). The ‘electrical’ impulse from the SA node triggers a sequence of electrical events within the heart to control the orderly sequence of muscle contractions that pump the blood through the heart; which in turn transports the energy of ‘solar life’ through every cell within your body including the main membrane—your brain!

Thus, the “SUN of God” is the true “Key to Life” and the SUN of God is indeed the true “Giver of Life!”

Considering, the ‘Key’ life giving element that Scientist have chosen to call ‘Oxygen’, which stems from God’s Sun is not only the key to life; but it also the key to our ‘consciousness!’

My objective is not to persuade anyone to ‘believe’ in this information; my goal is to share with you what I have come to ‘know.’

Because I can assure you, as a bona-fide fact; if you attempt to hold your breath for more than a couple minutes or so, your heart will not ‘automatically’ generate its own ‘electricity’ and your brain will definitely render you ‘unconscious!’

Our thinking is so out of order that we do not seem to realize that matter does not create the sacred energy of life. In other words; without the energy of life—nothing in this world would actually ‘matter.’

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