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Lying Beliefs Blog

‘You’ need to gain more Self-control! ‘You’ need to get a hold of your ‘Self’! Based on these statements alone it should be easy to envision that ‘You’ and your ‘Self’ can’t possibly be one in the same.

These statements speak volumes in regards to the distinct difference between ‘YOU’ and your ‘SELF’. However, it is up to ‘YOU’ to make this very important distinction to help you to overcome your controlling ‘self.’

The irony is, our ‘self’ does not need to be saved, considering our ‘self’ is free doing what it wants. Which means our life’s mission is to actually save “who we are” from our ‘self’. And despite what we have been taught to believe, this is a rescue mission that is solely our responsibility.

The truth is ‘WE’ cannot share the same reality with our ‘self’. This means only one of us can exist. Until we recognize the authenticity of ‘who we are’, our selfish man-made ego will continue to supervise our thoughts and control our lives.

The only way we will ever be able to gain complete control of our lives is through recognizing that ‘we’ are not our ‘selves.’ By way of this understanding, we will then be able to sever the relationship that we have formed with our man-made ego, and this will in turn free us from our mental hell cell.

Now in order to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, as Jesus presumably said, your ‘SELF’ must ‘DIE!’

Now you are probably wondering; well, how do I destroy my ‘self’, without eliminating who I am? And quite frankly this is a valid inquiry; considering we will never lay our ‘selves’ down to rest; until we ‘Awaken’ to who we are.

However, as Jesus said, in order for ‘YOU’ to be “Born Again” your ‘self’ must die. In other words, the man-made ‘lie’ that we believe defines us must die!

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