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We human beings often profess that “I am proud to be White”; that “I am proud to be Black”, etc…However, when we proudly make these statements, my question is: What are we ‘truly’ confessing to be proud of????

See, what I find to be amazing is although we ‘think’ that we are professing to be proud of who we are; in reality we are only proclaiming to be proud of being a “concept!” And because we live our entire lives being loyal to a man-made idea that we ‘believe’ represents us; we in turn perpetuate and reinforce the racial stereotypes that have been assigned to our physical appearance.

We human beings need to cease believing in the flesh or ‘image’ that ‘defies’ us and start being proud of the essence of ‘love’ that defines us!

I am not sure if humanity realizes this or not; but our DNA or in other words our genetic code is not responsible for ‘coding’ our ‘racial’ behavior. It is the cultures that we are born into that ‘encodes’ our behavior, our actions, our beliefs, and our false perception of ‘Self’; which in turn ‘decodes’ us from our natural nature. And since we all live our lives in the misguided form of a man-made ‘idea’; we human beings unfortunately have no “Earthly idea” who we really are???

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