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Lying Beliefs Blog

There are three degrees of knowing and they are:

1) You know what you know
2) You know what you don’t know
3) You don’t know; what you don’t know

And as it relates to “you don’t know; what you don’t know”; well this expression is what actually defines the ‘unknown.’

Therefore, if something is ‘unknown’ to you; then how can you possibly ‘fear’ something that bears no man-made idea or concept for you to dwell upon? Well, the answer is—-it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

The real truth is no one fears the ‘unknown’—–we only fear letting go of “The Known!”

And this fear of letting go of “The Known” has nothing to do with letting go of the practical things that we have learned in life such as; driving a car, riding a bike, etc…. Quite frankly no one ever thinks twice about letting go of what are considered “practical matters.”

However, we deeply fear letting go of the ‘conditioned’ concepts that we have learned to ‘know’ such as; who we ‘think’ we are and who we ‘think’ defines this Universe.

And the only reason why we ‘fear’ letting go of these conditioned ideas is simply because—–we “KNOW NO BETTER!”

Learn to face your fears with ‘curiosity’ and if you ever stumble upon who you really are, you will then discover that the ‘unknown’—-was actually ‘YOU!’

When you ‘know’ who you ‘really’ are; you then know everything that there is to know.