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We all need to become very clear that energy is everything! Which means, the energy of who ‘you’ are was ‘born’ first and then came the ‘idea’ of your ‘Self.’

Now here’s how your ‘self’ is born and ‘you’ are laid to rest:

As time passes we begin to ‘absorb’ cultural and racial concepts that eventually give ‘birth’ to the idea of ‘Self’; which in turns lays the energy of who ‘You’ are down to rest. The energy that you exude to honor the idea of who you think you are is a form of “life-support” that only supports your ‘Self.’

See what represents ‘you’ is the energy of love, which is the only feeling that ‘illuminates’ YOU! However, the energy that defines you, no longer lives; because your energy exist only to serve a man-made image of who you ‘think’ you are.

Thus, as the Jesus scripture says: “Your-SELF must die; in order for ‘YOU’ to be born again!”

Please allow me to shed some ‘light’ on this statement, as to how I perceive it; despite common translation:

The man-made idea of who ‘you’ think you are must ‘DIE’, in order for ‘YOU’ to be REBORN!

Therefore, you must awaken to realize that your ‘self’ is only an idea that ‘you’ were born to experience. What we human beings do not seem to realize is that the divine energy of you will remain ‘dead’ as long as you keep your ‘self’ alive.

The idea of a ‘resurrection’ is based upon ‘you’ the ‘Soul’ or ‘Being’ of this Universe having a “conscious awakening” that will create an “AH-HA” moment that allows ‘you’ to sense that ‘you’ and your ‘self’ are not one in the same. And as a result of this awakening your body will experience a ‘divine-feeling’ that is generated from the ‘ascension’ of your awareness that recognizes that ‘you’ are the ‘soul’ energy of love that exist within your body.

Hence; this is the idea of ‘YOU’, the sacred “BEING” of this Universe—“Being born again!”

To me the message of Jesus is crystal clear; however unlike most, my objective is to ‘extract’ rationale from the message in the sacred scripture; versus being ‘distracted’ by the irrational man-made story!

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