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Lying Beliefs Blog

The majority of humanity lives in a confined and “self-controlling” world called our minds and this world limits our awareness as to who we really are.

This ‘limiting’ world that we dwell in does everything in its ‘limiting power’ to prevent us from experiencing our ‘boundless’ nature.

This limiting world makes us ‘think’ that it is foolish to believe that we are one with this Universe or in other words, one with God!

Well here’s the sacred truth:

YOU are everlasting, YOU are the conscious energy of life that stems from this divine Universe. Which means, beyond your limiting beliefs YOU are the everlasting life of conscious energy that resides within ‘your’ body. Thus, in reality YOU never die, because ‘you’ as the conscious energy of life will forever live on.

However, the only reason we human beings fear death is because our minds have made us believe that we are defined by the flesh. See, the body represents only your ‘SELF’ image; which your mind has made you believe ‘IDENTIFIES’ you.

Thus, this is what constructs your ‘self-identity. And what we humans fear most is the ‘death’ of our “self-identity!” However, as Jesus said; in order for ‘YOU’ to be “Born-Again” your ‘self’ or in other words, your “self-identity” must die! Hence, the man-made self-image that was ‘born’ in your mind must die, in order for YOU’ to be saved!

In truth, when your body expires only your “self-identity” is laid to rest—-NOT YOU!

We are all a divine reflection of this Universe and it is only our minds that keep who we really a secret!