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Lying Beliefs Blog

From a scientific perspective it is the elements from within the Sun that define us and every other form of life on this planet as a Living Soul.

Every Star, including our Sun, originates as a ‘LIGHT’ Element called Hydrogen; which is a Nuclear Atom that fuses together and forms Helium.

Helium in turn fuses and creates heavier elements such as; Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen; which are the principal elements to life.

The human body is primarily made of water; which is H2O– (2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen). The Periodic Table of Elements is used to outline the natural elements that live within the atmosphere of our Solar System; which also lives within us.

If you don’t believe me take a look at the Periodic Table of Elements and then check out the ingredients associated with your Mult-MINERAL vitamins.

These specific vitamins contains all the mineral elements that are associated with the solar energy that Mother Earth absorbs.

We human beings are sooo much more than we have been conditioned to THINK. Meaning, our physical appearance pales in comparison to the Solar energy that defines us as Living Souls.

The SUN is indeed the Father to all life on Mother Earth and it is the “SOUL/SPIRIT” from our Father that essentially connects us ALL as ONE!