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We are all defined by the ‘light’ that lives within us. As “Living Souls”, every single breathe we take of ‘Sun-Light’ maintains our existence. Every ounce of spiritual energy that stems from ‘God’s Sun’ that we consume is pure light, pure life, pure consciousness, and pure love; and the “soul/sole” purpose of the human heart is to distribute this “Solar Energy” throughout our entire body!

Hence, as a divine conscious human being, your ‘sacred heart’, is the organ that initially embraces the ‘Sol/Sun of God’ which is the ‘energy of love that shines within the heart’ of every human being. And because the human heart is the first place of residence for the ‘Sun of God’s conscious energy’; this exemplifies why it is commonly said that the “Spirit of Jesus” or the ‘Sun of God’ lives within the heart of every man!

‘YOUR’ body, which you have been conditioned to believe is YOU; is a physical instrument that ‘YOU’ use to physically ‘feel’ and experience the present moment. And YOU are actually ‘The Soul’; The Universal Spirit’; ‘The Solar Energy’; or ‘The Life Source’ that exist in YOUR physical shell.

Which means, just like Jesus, we are ALL the ‘SUN OF GOD’ that lives within the human flesh. Thus, as Jesus said, believe it or not: “We are all the light of this World!”

Until we human beings awaken and realize that the ‘light’ from God’s Sun shines within our hearts we human beings will never be “light-hearted.”